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organic pioneers





Chris Darling and Bart Arnst teamed up in 2007. After making great wine for other people they decided to make great wine for themselves under The Darling label. Using only certified organic grapes to make their wines, they find it increases quality and gives certainty to the integrity of the wines. With over 45 years of winemaking experience between them, Chris and Bart make regional, complex wines, that drink well on any occasion.

The wines are certified organic by BioGro New Zealand.

While limiting the impact to the soil and earth, organics helps you to connect with wine that is safe and can be traced to origin.

Chris and Bart also believe they are seeing an increase in quality over time. The vines are allowed to come into balance, producing thicker skins and therefore greater flavour.


The New Zealand Pioneers


Chris Darling


Originally from Australia Chris has worked with both large and small wine companies throughout the world
including Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece and the Czech Republic. In 2003 he headed to Marlborough
New Zealand with a vision of creating great cool climate organic wines.


Bart Arnst


When Bart returned to New Zealand from European travels and work in the wine trade, he took a viticulturist
challenge of being the instrumental part in the conversion of the great Seresin Estate to organics.
Now Bart also vineyard-consults with OANZ (Organics Aotearoa New Zealand) and uses his broad experience in
growing grapes under organic and biodynamic regimes to make beautiful Darling wines.



the vineyards





Great wine can only be made from great grapes.

This is why our selection of certified organic grower vineyards is very important to us. Each vineyard brings its own character and sense of place. This gives us great options to craft our wines to the best they can be.

Crawford Family Vineyard

One of our first growers. Tim, Sally and family live close to their organic vineyard which is now part of their daily life.

 Crawford Family

Crawford Family


Antipode Estate

One of our first growers. Jacqui and Paul produce quality grapes and olives year on year.