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Organic Wine Pioneers

Chris Darling and Bart Arnst teamed up in 2007. After making great wine for other people they decided to make great wine for themselves. Organics was the obvious choice. With Bart being the leading organic vineyard consultant of New Zealand and Chris with his international winemaking experience.

They source grapes solely from organic vineyards of New Zealand and are able to have full control over the process.

The health of the soil and vines all leads to making wines that have depth and texture.


Premium Organic Wines

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Taste the Difference

The Darling Wines

The Darling Wines delivers uncompromising quality, making wines with great texture and depth that are alive in the glass. Chris and Bart believe being certified organic helps them to produce these characters in the wine due the to vines being in balance and the grapes having thicker skins.

With a classic range of wines there will be something to suit your appetite.

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Little Darling Wines

Conceived after The Darling and having the same pedigree, these wines are blended to be fresh and vibrant and are suitable on any occasion. Also certified Organic by BioGro New Zealand this range includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

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THE Vineyards


The Vineyards

Great wine can only be made from great grapes.

This is why our selection of certified organic grower vineyards is very important to us. Each vineyard brings its own character and sense of place. This gives us great options to craft our wines to the best they can be.


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The Team

  Chris Darling   Winemaker / Director

Chris Darling

Winemaker / Director

  Bart Arsnt   Viticulturist / Director

Bart Arsnt

Viticulturist / Director

  Roger Kerrison   Business Development

Roger Kerrison

Business Development